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Hi, I'm Tima. My journal is friends only but if you want to be friends or see my faily art student posts (since that is my life in a nutshell at the moment) you can comment to be added!

Eames/Mal Graphic

So I made something for the RAREPAIR fest :D

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P.S: Made an icon/wallpaper post last week too, HERE if you missed it.

P.P.S: Signed up for ae_match on TEAM ANGST. Will I be seeing any of you there this summer? :D?
20 JGL icons
10 Marion Cotillard icons
3 Wallpapers (2 Arthur/Eames, 1 Eames/Mal)

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hard times b-b-b-baby

I finished my Spring semester and started my Summer one. I'm finally doing Graphic Design 1 and I was in a film class for two days until I realized it was a Journalism Film class and dropped it immediately. I added a Children's Lit class which is an Ed class and would count as an elective.. never taken an Ed class before so I hope it'll be interesting!! It's been a while since I took a lecture-based class that isn't an Art History one.

Anyway. Sketchbook/journal round up. Lots of random things (mostly Empires lyrics now that I think of it..... w/e)

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Oh yeah. I also signed up for levitt20in20 so I will be making icons for it soonish. Expect a graphic dump because I have so many random (Inception) graphics and icons that I make for myself and I think I'll post them along with the icons I make for the JGL thing. Alright, later, hope y'all have/had a good Caturday.

Reverse Bang Art

Art submission for i_reversebang

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just like a tourist

I TRIED TO POST THIS EARLIER AND LJ FAILED ON ME. Dammit eljay the one time I want to make a post and you're broken ;_;

I bring you SKETCHBOOK PAGES. With Marion, JGL's hair, and exploding ink experimentation.. YES. You heard me.. I finally used my sumi brush.. IDK WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR BC IT IS FAB. Here we go. This is the journal I posted about last time and I'd like to think that it has (I have?) made some decent progress since!

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journalspam of doom

Some pictures from my recent journal!

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I'm proud to say that over this Christmas break I started a daily portrait project that I've actually been sticking to pretty well!


UNFFFFF. Ok, I'm done.
i posted some moleskine pages here if you wanna see! if you follow me on tumblr you'll have seen it before but if not.. well, there's a lot of lyric art and stuff.

today i got a list of the studio art classes i can take. i really want a painting class, so let's hope that happens..


15 icons, 2 wallpapers

06 icons & 02 arthur/eames wallpapers
09 marion cotillard icons


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